Time really flys....

All the week, I stayed in the Chinese University when Stephen was working.
This Monday, I helped him to carry his bag to the classroom.  After dropping the bag and saying goodbye to him, I left for the student restaurant.  The classroom was on the 2nd floor and there was a balcony outside the hallway.  I was amazed that the windows between the hallway and balcony were so British and that reminded me the difference between Taiwan and Hong Kong.  The more I was amazed was the flowers on the balcony.  

It was sunny and bright.  That  building wasn't busy on that day and then I decided to stay in the balcony for a while.  Refer to my previous article, it's not difficult to find out that I'm kind of "HUA  ZHI".  After walked along side the hallway, I then found a door which was open.  I was excited as I was going to enjoy being alone there.  I raised my right hand and foot, meanwhile, and I bent my body forwarded to the door in order to pass the frame of the door.  Suddenly, shit happended....  I felt dizzy and surrended by three stars and bird singing....I hit the glass....

Yes, it's a glass door and it's too clear to see the glass.   My head was dizzy and couldn't open my right eye.  I went to the toilet and looked at myself in the mirror.  I had a big red on my forehead above my right eyebrow.  It's really obvious and big compare with the other two on my forehead as well.  My right foot and arm were sore and that reminded me to think about whether anyone saw this silly accident or not. 

Well, I bet that's the most special sounenir I've ever got.  Now, the red is still there and my face is like, in Chinese, a pig-head.

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